My name is Anne-Sophie and I am a freelance illustrator from Hamburg specializing in advertising and editorial illustration. My illustrations and animations are characterized by bold and strong characters with accentuated bodies trudging and swinging through green worlds filled to the brim with confident colors and cheerful lines. My clients include The Guardian, Berliner Zeitung, Meta, Stylist Magazine and many more.

Plants have always been a big part of my life. I love everything that’s green and growing. In nature, „Winterhart“ stands for robustness, strength, resilience and because these are all attributes that I identify with, I founded my studio called „Winterhart Studios“ in 2021. 

​Although I mostly draw and work digitally with the iPad, I love painting with acrylic paint and printing techniques such as screen printing. My style is colorful, striking and diverse with a high recognition value. 

photo by Marie Hoelscher

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